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Follow These 5-Techniques To Ignite Your Inner-Champion

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“This year I’ll get a better job!”

“I’m going to be my own boss!”

“I’m ready to spend more time with family and friends!”

We start out with such excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence! But as excited and confident as we are it’s not long before our Inner Critic rears its ugly voice!

“Ever year you tell yourself you’re going to have a better job and still you have the same job. You’re not qualified to do much else.”

“Start your own business. That takes money and experience, both of which you don’t have!”

“More time with family and friends. You don’t have that many friends and your family likes it when you’re not around.”

Why are we so committed to listening to our Inner-Critic?

Is it because it’s easier to run away from our fears than to overcome them?

What makes us so agreeable to our Inner-Critic’s suggestions?

It’s the only voice we can agree with!

How did our Inner-Critic become so powerful?

We made it the master of our thoughts!

What can we do to disarm our Inner-Critic?

Begin listening to our Inner-Champion!  Start experiencing life on our terms!

At our lowest, least secure moments, our Inner-Champion longs to be heard. 

“A new job is yours for the asking!”  

 “Just Do It! You have what it takes to be your own boss!”

“People like you. You’re easy to be around. You’re missed when your not home.”

For those who dare to dream, who dare to stand up to their “Inner-Critic”, who deeply believe in the words of their Inner-Champion a new day, has dawned! You deserve the success you envision and it’s never too late!

Try these five techniques to ignite the power of your Inner-Champion.

1.  Write your thoughts as though you’ve already achieved them. Post them in front of you for seeing is believing!

  •       I’m doing great at my new job! 
  •       Starting my own business is such a great learning opportunity
  •       It’s great having friends and family to care about

2.  DO NOT agree with your Inner-Critic. Confront it with POSITIVE thoughts and actions!

3.  Push your fears aside. You’ll only fail when you refuse to get back on our feet!

4.  Surround yourself with other positive people.

5.  Never Give Up, EVER!

To Your Success!

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