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How to Stop Worrying And Start Living…

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This is an excellent review of some of the worry principles in Dale Carnegie’s book, How To Stop Worrying and Start Living. As a business manager once pointed out to me in one of my classes, this is an excellent book on business management and controlling your resources, both physical and mental. You highlighted this beautifully in your first quote from Thomas Carlyle.

We can only act on one “item” at a time, and only on what lies within reach. There’s always a case to be made for long term planning. But once a decision is reached, you must act decisively and completely.

Thank you for your review and insights. Live well!


From TheHappinessParadox

‘How To Stop Worrying and Start Living’ is a fabulous book by Dale Carnegie which gave me a whole new perspective on life and some wonderful techniques to quiet my worried mind. I was worried, worried of not doing well in my exams, worried that I might not have a better future, worried that I might disappoint my parents, worried that I might eventually have a nervous breakdown, worried about everything that I was eventually living my life in the future filled with uncertainty until I read this quote by Thomas Carlyle.

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