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About Paul Bagan

About Paul Bagan

“Paul is an excellent trainer and coach. He brings practical, relevant, and real world experience to his training. He talks the talk and walks the walk and it works!” – Mark D., Dale Carnegie Course Graduate

Paul Bagan Dale Carnegie InstructorPaul Bagan has over 25 years experience in the field of human behavior as a successful business owner, sales professional, trainer, motivational speaker and business coach.

A communications graduate of San Jose State, Paul started his career as a sales rep for Dale Carnegie Training of San Jose. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the team lead and sales manager of the franchise.  Eventually, Paul became the owner of the franchise and expanded it to include the surrounding cities as far south as Monterey, CA.

During that time, Paul also became one of the most sought after instructors in the area. Starting as a Dale Carnegie Course coach, he went through the instructor certification program and became one of the top instructors in the region. Paul went on to also gain certifications for the Sales Advantage program, the Leadership Training for Managers program, and the High Impact Presentations program, making him one of the few instructors certified to instruct the four core Dale Carnegie programs.

Paul is also a sought after speaker. He has given hundreds of presentations to many of the service organizations and business groups in San Jose and the surrounding areas. His topics of interests span a range of subjects including self motivation, inspiration, sales methodologies, self management, leadership, and public speaking strategies and tactics.

Paul has also served as an independent employment specialist and career coach. He has provided coaching and individual consultation to a number of both small businesses and large corporations in the San Francisco Bay area. He has worked with human resource professionals and job developers to place the unemployed, displaced, and hard-to-place workforce.

Currently, Paul is the area manager for Dale Carnegie of San Joaquin Valley. He brings the same spirit and attitude that propelled him to success in the San Jose area. He currently instructs the Dale Carnegie Course, the Sales Advantage course, the Leadership Training for Managers program, and the High Impact Presentations program. He also conducts one-day seminars on a variety of topics including self-development, time management, interpersonal communication development, sales execution leadership, and public speaking development.

When he isn’t selling, instructing, or speaking, you can find Paul in the San Joaquin valley area spending time with his family and doing volunteer work for local nonprofit organizations.