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Dale Carnegie Preview Session

Dale Carnegie Preview Session

Breakthrough to Success with this
Free Preview of the Dale Carnegie Course®

The Dale Carnegie Course® helps people deliver the breakthrough performances that drive success in today’s ever-more competitive—and demanding—business environment.

The curriculum equips individuals and teams to be more enterprising as they set and reach breakthrough goals, solve complex problems and boost productivity. Participants learn how to strengthen interpersonal relations, handle fast-changing workplace conditions, foster collaboration, and lead others. Key building blocks of the course are communication, cooperation, stress management and leadership.

Benefits of the Dale Carnegie Course include:

  1.   Interactive training teaches principles that drive personal and professional success.
  2.   Participants develop a take-charge attitude. They learn to set goals and elicit cooperation.
  3.   Program teaches methods that can be applied right away to help them gain confidence, manage stress, and express ideas persuasively.
  4.   Skills to build the foundation for lifelong performance improvement.

At a Glance, Participants will Learn How to:

  1. Lay the groundwork for their success;
  2. Increase their memory, especially for remembering names;
  3. Build their self-confidence;
  4. Set breakthrough goals for themselves;
  5. Use the power of  enthusiasm to gain a competitive advantage;
  6. Overcome and crash through barriers that have been holding them back;
  7. Strengthen their relationships at work and at home;
  8. Use the power of recognition in building teams;
  9. Become flexible and innovative in solving problems;
  10. State opinions respectfully without arousing resentment;
  11. Inspire their peers to action and make something happen;
  12. Identify and leverage their own breakthrough results for future success.

Attend this preview of the program and come away with some ideas that can help you push past your performance barriers immediately.  Sign up below:

When:  TBA,  Call for Details
Where:  TBA, Modesto, CA
Cost: Free
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